Research in network performance has been disseminated through seminars, workshops, conferences and keynote addresses. Below are links to a selection of publications and media:

Performing Technology: User Content and the New Digital Media: Insights from the Two Thousand + NINE Symposium
Editor: Franziska Schroeder
Date Of Publication: Dec 2009

This volume emerged out of the discussions during the 2009 edition of the Two Thousand + symposia series at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast. In 2009 the symposium focused on user-generated content and it is the refined and reworked writings that have been included in this volume. The texts in this book cover the development of design strategies for addressing rich media environments that incorporate user-generated, locative content. Chapters cover areas such as choreography/dance, virtual worlds, music performance, network music and computer games.

Edited Journal:
Network Performance
Contemporary Music Review Vol.28 Nos 4/5 August/October 2009
Editor: Pedro Rebelo
This issue of Contemporary Music Review is in itself a network of different materials and approaches which attempt to provide ‘nodal’ views on performance in the network. From the theoretical to the anecdotal, from the score to the historical timeline each article focuses on a particular view of the network, addressing practices which are sometimes new and other times instances of dreams and fantasies of centuries.

Selected Publications:
Chaves, R. Rebelo, P. (2011) “Sensing Shared Places: Designing a mobile audio streaming environment” Body, Space & Technology Journal Vol 10/01

Rebelo, Pedro (2010) “Notating the Unpredictable” Contemporary Music Review 29, no. 1 (2010): 17 – 27

Rebelo, Pedro (2009) “Dramaturgy in the Network,” Contemporary Music Review 28, no. 4 (2009): 387.

Schroder, Franziska. Rebelo, Pedro (2009) “Sounding the Network: The Body as Disturbant” Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Renaud, A. Carôt, A. Rebelo, P. (2007) Networked Music Performance: State of the Art Audio Engineering Society Conference 2007

Schroeder, F. Renaud, A. Rebelo, P. Gualdas, F. (2007) Addressing the Network: Performative Strategies for Playing Apart. International Computer Music Conference pp. 133 – 140

Renaud, A. Rebelo, P. (2006) Network Performance: Strategies and Applications. NIME 2006

Rebelo, P. Renaud, A. (2006) The Frequencyliator – Distributing Structures for Networked Laptop Improvisation. NIME 2006

Reports and other publications:
Network Performance Presentation Strategies (Report, 2010)

Network Performance Specifications (2008)